The two-week summer academy will be an immersive, collaborative, dynamic and academic experience for students who are planning to pursue a career as a statistician/programmer in pharmaceuticals and health analytics. This program aims to bring together statisticians, clinicians, regulators, drug safety, medical writers, marketers and academics who will provide guidance on drug development, their perspective on an outstanding statistician/programmer and what can get you there.


  • Work on mock clinical trials
  • Learn about different phases of drug development
  • Interact with professionals
  • Learn interview tricks and resume writing

August, 2019

Ridgefield & Storrs, CT


Training Academy


Week 1

August 5-8 @ Ridgefield

Monday 8/5

1. Panel Discussion: The Big picture and the connecting dots

2. Introduction for the expertise and the hot topics in UConn research

3. Q&A with members from various BDS functions

Tuesday 8/6

1. Case Study

2. Complete Legal Paperwork

3. Trial Statistical Analysis Plan (TSAP)

4. Life Cycle Data and SDTM

Wednesday 8/7

1. Trial oversight meetings during trial conduct (TOM, RPM, MQRM etc)

2. Database Lock and Clinical Study Report

3. Bridging sciences to practice

August 8 @ Storrs

ADaM data and Simulation

August 9 @ Block Island

Cross-culture Field Trip

Week 2

August 12-16 @ Storrs

Monday 8/12

1. Training (Resume writing, Interviewing)

Tuesday 8/13

1. Intro to Pfizer Statistics

2. Pre Clinical, Clinical Trials, Rare Disease, ONC, Inflammation

3. Transition from School to Industry

Wednesday 8/14

Project group discussions designs

Thursday 8/15

1. Healthcare analytics with case studies

2. Readmission analysis with medical claims data

3. Suicide prevention and risk prediction models

4. Integrative statistical learning in suicide risk study

5. Team Final Presentation (I)

Friday 8/16

1. Precision Health and Research in Human Studies

2. Multi-Omics Analysis

3. Diabetes Survival Skills for Incarcerated Persons Transitioning to the Community

4. Pain Self-Management and Neurophysiologic & Gene Expression Profiles in Lower Back Pain

5. Team Final Presentation(II)







Event Location

Boehringer Ingelheim
Ridgefield, CT 06877

University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06268



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