August 27-28, 2021



Training Academy


Welcome to the very first Statistics in Pharmaceuticals (SIP2021) conference. This unique conference aims to introduce a career in pharmaceutical industry to students studying in quantitative fields, especially statistics and data sciences. This two-day conference will connect you to the world of clinical statistics, and show you how statistics contributes to different phases and aspects of drug development and to improve patients’ lives. The SIP2021 conference is sponsored by Amgen, Biogen, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Bristol Myers Squibb, Pfizer, Servier, Takeda and Vertex. The sponsor companies, together with UConn Department of Statistics and UConn Center for Career Development, organize and provide the program for SIP2021. During the conference, you will hear from experienced clinicians and statisticians sharing their “why”, discussing important clinical questions and challenges, and how statistics provides solutions to some of those. You will also learn about different and diverse opportunities which this industry has to offer and hear from professionals about their “typical day” and what can get you there. There will be plenty of self-development opportunities along with networking opportunities with peers as well as experienced professionals. The conference is virtual and free to all students around the world. To take advantage of this opportunity, please register today!


  • Keynotes by Leaders
  • Technology and Health
  • Innovation and its impact
  • Understanding diseases
  • Meet Professionals
  • Impact of Statistics
  • Discover career paths

Opportunities on

  • Self-Development
  • Build your Network
  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Skills
  • Sponsor Interviews
  • Share your research
  • Poster Presentation




Date Time Topic Organizer Organizer/Speakers
8:30-9:00 Opening Remarks

  • Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Connecticut -- Juli Wade
  • President of New England Statistical Society (NESS) - Joseph Cappelleri
9:00-10:30 Session I Impact of Quantitative Roles in Pharmaceuticals

  • Statistics
  • Programming
  • Global Evidence and Outcomes (GEO))
  • Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modeling
(15m per presentation + 30 Q/A/panel discussion)
Zhaoyang Teng Zhaoyang Teng (Servier)
Ajibade Ashaye (Takeda)
Yuan Zhao (Biogen)
10:30-11:45 Break    
10:45-12:30   Session I Understanding and Fighting Diseases: Together we Stand
  • COVID-19 Vaccine development
  • Gene and Cell Therapy
(20m clinician+20m statistician+15m Q/A)
Steven Gilbert Clinician: TBD (Pfizer)
STAT: TBD (Pfizer)
Clinical aspect: Yimeng Lu (Vertex)
Statistical aspect: Joan Xuan (Vertex)
12:30-1:30 Lunch    
1:30-3:00 Let’s Innovate@Clinical trial designs

Goal of the session would be to propose strategies for making clinical trials more efficient so that patients can get treatment faster, Bayesian borrowing, adaptive designs, CID, RWE integration
  • Bayesian adaptive Design
  • Snapshot Matching
    --A Method for Borrowing from Longitudinal History Control Data
  • Adaptive Seamless Design
  • Innovative study designs in early clinical drug development
(20m per presentation + 10m Q/A)
Tony Jiang Tony Jiang (Amgen)
Yiyue Lou (Vertex)
Susie Sinks (Biogen)
Donia Skanji (Servier)
3:00-3:15 Break    
3:15-4:00 Career development: Interview Skills (UConn CCD)   Kay Gruder
Lisa Famularo
4:00-5:00 Virtual Booth   All companies
8:30-10:00 Traditional wisdom and modern knowledge in Pharmaceutical Statistics:

  • Pfizer: Risk-based Monitoring
  • BMS: Multiplicity
  • Boehringer Ingelheim: AI/Machining Learning
(25m per presentation + 15m Q/A)
Helen Li Steven Gilbert (Pfizer)
Helen Li (BMS)
Dooti Roy (Boehringer Ingelheim)
10:00-10:15 Break    
10:15-12:00   Session II Understanding and Fighting Diseases: Together we Stand

  • Oncology Development
  • Unpack your mind (Mental Health diseases)
  (20m clinician+20m statistician+15m Q/A)
Dooti Roy Clinician: Douglas Faller (Takeda)
STAT: Yulia Sidi (Takeda)
Clinician: TBD (Boehringer Ingelheim)
STAT: Dooti Roy (Boehringer Ingelheim)
12:00-1:00 Lunch    
1:00-2:30   Session II Impact of Quantitative Roles in Pharmaceuticals

Goal of the sessions is to introduce quantitative roles with expertise in some special area.
  • Statistical Methodologist
  • Data scientist in clinical operation
  • Post Marketing
  • Digit trials, and decentralized trials
(15m per presentation + 30minutes Q/A)
Qiqi Deng Qiqi Deng (Boehringer Ingelheim)
Chenchen Wang (Amgen)
Helen Li (BMS)
Glen Laird (Vertex)
2:45-3:00 Break    
3:00-4:30 Speed Poster Session

SPEED presentation for selected poster submissions
  Selected Poster presentations
4:30-5:00 Closing Remarks and Presenting the Certificates    


This year we will offer up to 15 scholarships ($500 - $1000) for the deserving students who will attend the conference. Final decisions will be made at the sole discretion of the SIP award committee.

Undergraduate students and above.

Selection of award:
The awards will be decided by the SIP award committee based on the applicant’s profile and the essay.

Priority will be given to those applicants who are from a minority and/or under-represented community in statistics or data science or related fields (example: based on your race, ethnicity, gender identity, disability, economic status among others).

How to Apply: In order to apply for the scholarship, please write a short essay (~500 words or less) on why you think you deserve this award and what made you interested in attending SIP2021. Your essay should include who you are and what you are studying.

To apply for the scholarship, please fill out the following form HERE.

Scholarship applications will be reviewed and granted in a rolling basis until August 15 and will be closed once the funding is exhausted.

Poster Submission

We encourage you to submit your work to the first Statistics in Pharmaceuticals Conference. The posters will be on display virtually throughout the conference, and selected posters will be presented in greater details at the SPEED presentation on Saturday, August 28, 3:00–4:30. The presentation will be 10–20 minutes long depending on the number of posters the program committee select. Submission deadline is August 25, 2020. Please check back here around the first week of August for submission link.

Summer Course

If you want to learn more about application of statistics in pharmaceutical industry, you may consider to take the 1 credit course from University of Connecticut.

Click here to the Summer Course


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Pfizer: Steven Gilbert
Biogen: Susie Sinks
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BMS: Helen Li
Takeda: Yulia Sidi
Vertex: Bingming Yi
Amgen: Tony Jiang
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