For Alumni

Alumni Survey

We designed a survey to collect information that may help to make the department better. Please take a moment to complete the survey.


Please help us make the department better. See instructions on the donations page.

Alumni Video Greetings

We plan to make a video for the department’s 60th anniversary. For those who cannot come in person, please consider contributing to the video. You can record a video or write a few words, telling us your UConn connection and what you are up to. Expecting a large volume and with limited time for displaying at the event, we have the following recommendations.

  • If you plan to record a video, please keep the length under 30 seconds. Zoom/WebEx recordings would be sufficient. For smart phone recordings, please shoot landscape (horizontally).
  • If you want to write a few words, please keep them under 200 words. Send them along with at least one photo of yours. Multiple photos are welcome, but please mark clearly where we shall use these photos in your text. You can put them in a word document.

Due to time limit, we may not be able to display the full length of your contribution in the final product. All the videos and words will, however, be archived for potential future use.

We would appreciated it if you upload your contributions before 11:59pm on Oct., 3, 2022, which gives us time to process before the event.

Name your file in the format of, which indicates your name and the year you left the department. To upload, click here.

Below are some sample questions that you can try to reply in your video or word documents.

  1. What’s your name? Which was the year your entered and graduated from the program (PhD or MS) at UCONN? Who was your advisor?

  2. What’s your current job and position? Have you ever changed your work since you graduated?

  3. Are there any accomplishments that you’re proud of when you studied at UCONN?

  4. Are there any anecdotes or experiences related to our department, students, professors and alumni that you want to share with us?

  5. Do you have any expectations for the department in the future?