AnnouncementsISBA 2021

ISBA 2021 - Program Description

The ISBA conference will be a mixture of live talks, pre-recorded talks, and posters. All live-streaming will be via Zoom, with links integrated into the Whova platform.

  1. Plenary talks (i.e., Foundational Lectures, Keynote Lectures, and Named Lectures) and all invited talks will be live-streamed during the corresponding sessions.
  2. Contributed talks are prerecorded (available from June 10, 2021). During the live-streamed Contributed Sessions, each speaker will give a 5-min live recap of their contributed talk, highlighting the main points, followed by live discussion and Q&A from the audience.
  3. Contributed speakers who had optionally chosen to accompany their talk with a poster will present the poster in their designated Poster Sessions. All Poster Sessions will be held on Gather.town, which will also serve as the virtual space for social times during the whole conference.
  4. One week before the conference, Gather.town will go live and all posters will also become available then.
  5. Speakers of all talk types will have the option to upload and post their slides on Whova starting one week before the conference.

ISBA 2021 - important instructions for presenters

In the next few days, you will receive a link that will allow you to update your personal information, abstract, and to upload your video and slides onto Whova. Please make sure to include your affiliation and title. A photo of yourself can also be very much appreciated!

If you are presenting in a contributed session, please read carefully the following instructions. The deadline to upload your recorded contributed talk and poster is June 10, 2021.

Instructions for Contributed Presenters

  1. Submission of your 15-min pre-recorded video. Please record a talk video of up to 15 mins in MP4 format and up to 100 MBs in size. You may upload your video and your slides (as .pdf) onto Whova until June 10, 2021. If you opted to also present a poster, please indicate on your slide title page your availability in the poster sessions. For example, "Available in Poster session P03 (Thursday 6:15 – 8am)". See an example here.
  2. Preparation for the 5-min live recap. You will have a total of 5 mins in the live Contributed Session, which includes the transition time. So please rehearse screen sharing on the Zoom platform to ensure that your transition time is short. There will be a rehearsal period the week before the meeting and details will be updated on the Event Schedule in Whova.
  3. Poster sessions. If you had opted to participate in the poster session, then you are assigned to one of the poster days based on your session ID —— Session C1–14 are on Tuesday and C15–31 are on Thursday. Consult the program for your contributed session ID, either in the Whova app or at the following webpage. You may present in one or both poster sessions (6:45-8am and 6:45-8pm ET) on the assigned day. Please indicate on the title page of your talk slides and on your poster for which session(s) you will be available.
  4. Poster sessions will be held on Gather (aka Gather.town) to facilitate one-on-one interaction. Gather will be available to the conference participants on June 3, 2021. After that you will be able to create your profile and explore the virtual community there. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself before the meeting on the platform.
  5. Submission of your poster. Your poster can either be a usual poster or a compilation of your slides, to use it as the cover image for your poster slot (like in a real physical poster session). Poster examples can be found here. For interactive Gather.town sessions, .png or .jpeg format are the only file types that may be used. Requirements for your poster image are:
    • Minimum width 1000 px, minimum height 600 px
    • Maximum size of 3 MB
    • Landscape format
    • No transparent backgrounds

Please name your file according to the following convention "CXX_Surname.jpeg", where the CXX is the session ID for your Contributed Session and Surname is your last name. You should have received a link to a Dropbox folder for the submission via Whova/email, please upload it there by June 10, 2021.

Tips for the poster image
  • If you are making your poster from slides, collate them in an a0 paper for better resolution. If you are using Latex, see for example the pgfpages package.
  • Many programs can convert a .pdf poster into a .jpeg or .png image (e.g., MacOS Preview, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, Gimp...). When exporting your file make sure you are using at least 72 dpi.

Best regards,

Sally Paganin, on behalf of the Organizing Committee